Plue Starfox Presents: Corp$es

Whilst Dropping many singles and doing features throughout 2014 New Orleans native, now Dallas based MC Plue Starfox finishes his highly anticipated project Titled Corp$es. After Dropping Night1 as a single, Plue Decided to manifest the idea into an entire project one which is a fully scripted story of epic proportions. Corp$es is the musical interpretation of the MC becoming a medical experiment  for a top secret corporation. Each track takes you deeper and deeper into their tests unfolding a bigger story. The entire project was produced by Starfox with the exception of Phase for produced by they almighty Jaylotus. Our Track to listen to is “Night1” It has great flow and the beat has a nice upbeat tempo that really sets you up for the rest of the project. Follow @PLUSTFX to congratulate him on a great album and for more information on Corp$es.

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