Lil Sega powers up on new single “NoMo” Ft. Diego Money

When two of the biggest up and coming hip hop talents in the DFW get n a track together, you know its gonna be something we gotta have our ears out for! “NoMo” has 6Silky & Akachi on the boards, and Lil Sega (@lilDreamcast) snapping on his latest single with a crazy closing verse from Diego Money (@1DiegoMoney). This drop is to gear everyone up for Lil Segas up and coming project “Dreamcast” coming soon follow him on twitter to stay in the loop.

Check out Jared Moody’s latest single “Price”

Dallas Mc Jared Moody (@JaredAMoody) linked us with his self produced new track “Price”. This song reflects on how Moody feels the best things in life aren’t free and how no one is gonna stop him from getting them at some point in life. Everything comes at a price and he wont let anything get in his way, cant help but respect that!! Check out the track above and follow Jared on twitter for more updates.

Special Ed Mont back with latest single “Tokyo Sh!t”

Coming off a huge viral single that took social media by storm, Dallas Mc Special ED Mont (@SpecialEdMont) is back with his newest single looking to keep the same buzz from his earlier work. This time with a beat from Trauma Beatz, Mont continues to deliver a high energy sound along with a good flow and catchy hook. Check out the Single above and follow him on twitter to let him know what you think of the track.