214Today was first thought of as a way to help local musicians get recognition from a third party music listener without judgment and have their material featured for any visitor to be able to listen too. Since the site has gained attention from the metroplex we have decided to incorporate all aspects of the industry whether it be art for albums, fashion for the artist, or even nightlife for venues and performances. They all have a impact on how the artists thrives in this city and we are all about finding the best of those sources and bringing them too the light with as much effort as possible. This site is used for networking, publicity, advertising, and everything the artists wants and needs in order to get their material viewed or heard. we cannot control who views the site but we can make sure that their will be nothing but quality offered with 214Today.

We have also expanded our Talents to Event and Artists marketing/promotion and management. Photo shoots, Concerts, and other events are curated and hosted by 214Today, as well as giving back to our community working with local charity organizations.

214Today wants hungry musicians, producers, djs, photographers, designers and a strong fan base all with the same love for music, the arts and our city. We are here to give local talent exposure and the ability to network with different performers, artists, owners and fans to broaden their connections. If you or anyone you know has material they would like posted or would like to be apart of this movement feel free to send an email to 214today@gmail com

5 thoughts on “About

  1. Spencer Lee September 30, 2014 / 1:50 AM

    $1000 3 on 3 men’s basketball tournament.

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