Funky Town through the lens of TNVisuals

I got to catch up with Ft Worth based photographer Taia AKA TNVisuals (@yeah_trex) and got to pic her brain about her craft and got some amazing scenic photos that put Ft Worth in a totally different light.


A Prairie View A&M student currently,  Taia has always had a love for photography going through disposable cameras since the age of 5! After purchasing her DSLR a couple of years ago she states,  “I really just love the endless possibilities that I can create with photography & the ability to allow people to view my vision though my images.” Her passion definitely shows through her work. Her advice to up and coming photographers: “it’s not about the camera it’s about how you use it. You don’t have to have the most expensive equipment to take great pictures.”

If you would like to see more visuals follow her on twitter above or on instagram @tnvisuals_

Check out G7Cecrets viral jam “Not Impressed” here!

We stay very in tune with our social media following to see whats current and what people are listening too, for the past few weeks there was a video floating around of Ft Worth artist G7Cecret (@G7Cecret) in the coupe jamming to his new single and it got some crazy buzz. we dug and found the single for you guys above! It was a nice suprise to see that he was a DFW artists a we had no choice but to feature his latest single! Check out some more music on his sound cloud HERE and follow him on twitter for more music and updates!

Vibe with Chris LaVilla and his latest single “Fly 45”


Dallas MC Chris LaVilla (@Chris_LaVilla) does a great job blending vocals and harmony in his rhymes as you can hear above in his single. The song gives a very mellow tone but has enough kick and energy that will resonate very well in a live audience.  Be on the look out for LaVilla, very solid lyrics and flow we cant wait too see what he comes out with next. Stay updated with him via twitter, and let him know what you think of the track!!

Aeronotiqz hosts 5 city AeroLife II Death Tour W/ Amber London

Rap Collective Aeronotiqz(@AeronotiqzInfo) is going on the road this month hosting a five city Texas tour with Houston rap artist Amber London (@KlvnAmberLondon) These shows are gonna be off the charts, purchase tickets here and catch Aerolife in a city near you!! Shop with them and receive a free ticket to the city of your choice.


Clay Perry Drops New single “Suppose2Be”

Ft. Worth lyricist Clay Perry (@ClayPerryMusic) sent in his latest single and I a definitely a fan of his sound. Consistent flow throughout with a melodic hook  that can attract a very wide audience. Great piece hope he continues to represent the DFW and make dope music! follow Clay for more music and updates on twitter and check out his soundcloud

DFW Battle League Presents: Hero Vs. Ron Swish

Battle League co founder Hero (@Yung_Hero_Bob) Goes up against @RonSwish in what is one of the best battles I’ve seen from DFWBL to this date! 3 rounds, nothing but bars.Its great to see Battle rap thriving in the metroplex its carved a lane in the local industry and is thriving. Vote below on who you think won the battle!

Aeronotiqz & Co Clothing keeping Dallas flyer than most


Specializing in clothing and Music entertainment Ft. Worth based company Aeronotiqz was launched in 2011 Printing shirts and with recording artist Clay West (@ClayWestAero) recording for the company. Fast forward to 2015 and they now have over 40 products ranging from hats, jackets, sweatpants, windbreakers & more and added a second recording artist Dizzi Davis (@DizziDavis) Currently in the studio working on his debut project!



Check out there latest 2015 collection at and Clay West recently released music video “Aero Monster that you can check out below! Check out there merch and Visit for more info. be sure to keep up with them on twitter @AeronotiqsInfo

William $ drops crazy new single Right Now(Draft)

Ft Worth MC William $ has been taking the battle rap scene by storm this past year, here he drops his latest single produced by Tycr showing his artistry and ability to make a solid single. his bars have different flows and tone keeping you engaged in the song, hook is catchy as hell I can definitely see this song being played all over the city! follow @WilliamCashSign on twitter to let him know what you think of the track