Funky Town through the lens of TNVisuals

I got to catch up with Ft Worth based photographer Taia AKA TNVisuals (@yeah_trex) and got to pic her brain about her craft and got some amazing scenic photos that put Ft Worth in a totally different light.


A Prairie View A&M student currently,  Taia has always had a love for photography going through disposable cameras since the age of 5! After purchasing her DSLR a couple of years ago she states,  “I really just love the endless possibilities that I can create with photography & the ability to allow people to view my vision though my images.” Her passion definitely shows through her work. Her advice to up and coming photographers: “it’s not about the camera it’s about how you use it. You don’t have to have the most expensive equipment to take great pictures.”

If you would like to see more visuals follow her on twitter above or on instagram @tnvisuals_