This Summer is the Death of Designer for LIFE+LESS

LIFE+LESS Clothing (@LIFELESS_online) is a lifestyle brand based out of the great Dallas Texas with the full intention of returning the street wear lifestyle to where it rightfully belongs…THE STREETS. Over the past years high fashion and couture brands have adopted the street wear lifestyle to boost their and take away from real independent brands with the same looks. LIFE+ LESS is a movement to celebrate the death of overpriced designer and a rebirth of homegrown styles and ideas.

Their website is up and running check it out HERE and take a look into the world of LIFE+LESS.


Meet the Mind behind the 5 P’s

19 year old Houston native Tolu Augustine Falana (@toluaugustinee) is a self taught graphic designer that found a unique calling for fashion this past year wanting to to create clothing to invoke feelings of positivity, pride, uplift, and good vibes.


On May 12th, Tolu Augustine Falana released “The 5 P’s” a b/w long sleeve, and “OPEN” distressed/regular hats. The 5 P’s (Pray, Plot, Plan, Put In Motion, Prosper) is an acronym produced by Tolu himself that he’s been saying and following for years. The idea of gaining success has become a complex and blurred idea in society, when – according to The 5 P’s – boils down to a simple 5 step process. The“Open Your Mind Before Your Mouth” quote placed on the regular and distressed hats has resonated with him and guided many of his actions for quite some time also. He believes that this quote alone will forcibly invoke forward-thinking and the undertaking of ideas, information, products, people, and everything in-between. It leaves room for love and acceptance, which is all that is needed to make this planet a better place. Tolu believes that with these two pieces of information, one will absolutely gain their form of success, and a happier and more peaceful life while impacting the world around them.


The reception to both “The 5 P’s” long sleeve and the “OPEN” hats have been mind-blowing, and took social media by storm. He has gotten love from all over the planet! Tolu sold out and re-stocked multiple times. After a two-month run (his longest ever) ending on July 22nd – he sold out for the very last time.
Be on the look out for more coming from Tolu this is only the beginning!! Checkout his website HERE

Spotlight on InTheLeech Clothing

image1 (1)

We recently got blessed with a fashion submission from Houston, Texas. InTheLeech clothing (@intheleech) has just started this year and already shows promise with a growing collection, and a keen focus for the future. We got an interview that you can read below:

  1. When was the company founded and by whom? 

Intheleech has been in production since 2016. The brand was created by the two designer Jordan Lewis & Mailk Thompson.

  1. How Did starting the company come about? 

The brand all started when we were in high school, the brand became able because we just got sick of wearing and seeing all of these basic brands people were wearing around the school. So we just decided to create our own, and ever since then it has taken off.

3 .How many States/Countries have you gotten orders from?

We have gotten order all around, from Cali to North Carolina but we mainly get a lot of our order from home (HOUSTON)

4 .Any back to school specials running? 

We have a lot new stuff coming out for the kids, so they can come back to school looking A1. So stay tone!

  1. Have you worked with alot of Houston based companies from ?

We have a one collaboration out right now with the brand Yves Dre and we’re working on a lot of upcoming project with a lot of Houston brands and designer.

6. Are there any other ventures coming from In The Leech in the future?

We don’t know at the moment but just stay tone on the InTheLeech twitter & Instagram for any new updates.

  1. Are there any more designs you have been working on?

Yes! we can’t really speak on those projects right now that at the moment, but we can tell you that it’s about to be really dope.

  1. What are your plans for In The Leech for the rest of the year? 

  Just a lot of  new dope new pieces with be coming out and a lot of growing.

Be on the look out for more coming from InTheLeech and check out their website HERE.



Take a look into the lifestyle of Kareless Original

Catering to the extreme sports lifestyle, Kareless original (@Karelessorg) is a premium Urban apparel brand started in Dallas Texas. Their goal was to represent all all of the adrenaline junkies, go getters, and true hustlers that don’t live life on a straight line and are willing to dedicate their life to their passion.


Evan and Kareless have established a great presence in the drift and racing scene over the past few years, its common you will find their tent set up and different formula drift or racing events in the south and sponsoring several drivers.


What drew us to kareless was the fact they represent all people who are not only passionate and dedicated to what they do but dont wait for it to come to them. What they have started is far more than apparel, living Kareless has turned into a lifestyle in itself! Check out some crazy apparel and photos below and be sure to check out their website for a lot more info and merch! SITE:

Amber Rice - 7.22.15-125

Kareless Explore  (63)

KareLess Bike ride 059


Enjoy the real you, with Lottery Clothing

Its always nice to see local clothing lines start up in the city and have a lot of local love and support, we try our best to find quality brands that are doing their thing and showcase them the best we can. Not to long ago we reached out to Austin Crawford a 17 year old thats grown up in the metroplex and literally decided to follow his dream. This past December he came up with the thought for the brand Lottery clothing, an acronym for for “Learn Over Time To Enjoy the Real You”



With his brand not even being a year old, Crawford has already gotten some great hoodies,, Tees, and jackets in his arsenal, even some dope bath robes that you can see recording artist Yung Gleesh sporting at one of his shows below.

image1 (1)

This summer he will be releasing a look book for an upcoming collection from Lottery and you will definitely see it featured here so stay tuned! follow @LotteryClothing on twitter and check out their website:

Cam Steele drops new remix & gears up for new art showcase

DFW Dj Cam Steele (@Cameron_Steele) has been putting up great numbers with his latest release a personal remix of the track years and years by Shine. Check it out above and be on the look out for his latest installment in the “WAVES” art showcases is this Saturday as well!


Hosted at the Random Art Gallery This will be a great opportunity to network and check out some dope local art and clothing!

Come celebrate Inner Glory Clothing 3 year Anniversary 2/20

image1 (5).JPG

Dallas Based clothing line and previously featured Inner Glory clothing has came a very long way since their launch in 2013. They want the city to come and celebrate the company’s success February 20th at Azure starting at 9PM contact information for tickets is above on the flyer hope to see everyone there!!

Previous Feature

Tachet Hats: Changing the game in headwear

Often times when you wear a hat you are limited to the one style it offers, Dallas Designer Hollywood Mo decided to break those boundaries completely, making his style of headgear: Tachet the hat with the interchangeable brim. I recently started keeping up with Tachet and the brand and got to get a quick interview for you guys to see what this is all about:

214: What sparked the idea behind Tachet hats? and how long did it take you to create the finished product?
        MO:  The idea of Tachet hats was mainly inspired by Don C, Kanye West, and Jay Z. A few years ago I saw Ye, and Jay sporting the dope ass snake skin strap backs, and at the time those type of hats weren’t at any retail stores to buy. So, I did my homework and found out that Ye’s good friend Don C was the guy making the hats. I started taking my own hats apart, hot gluing them back together with different fabrics. Leaving it at that. Later on I wanted to take the bill off of one hat to put it on the another one, and that sparked the idea of my invention, The interchangeable hat brim. I can’t really tell you how long the process took to create the product but just know it took a lot of time because I went through ALOT of prototyping. Not only that I had to teach myself how to sew. That was the most time consuming thing as well as learning about business, from patents, trademarks, incorporating, etc. Just know that these hats aren’t made in a manufacture, they’re all made personally by me at my home. A lot of my time is invested into each and every hat made.
214: Are there any more designs you have been working on?
     MO: Yes, I have designs in the works as we speak and designs that are already completed. I can’t give too much detail about the designs. Just be ready for them when it launches.
214: What are your plans for tachet hats in 2016?
       MO: I have plenty of plans, mainly to expand and collaborate with individuals I believe in. 2016 is the year for exponential growth. I can’t give a lot of details about my plans, but just know I have plenty of designs that will be launching. I also have something very special coming out during the time of SXSW. So if you love music, fashion, or creating art in general then you need to keep up with me. I’m not only here to change the hat game, I’m here to inspire through culture with other artistic individuals and innovation.

I think this is an awesome concept for hats, definitely one of a kind and cant wait to see whats in store for Tachet in 2016, If you guy want one of your own visit the site here: and join the movement of something big coming from Dallas!


Make way for the new guys on campus: Freshman on Varsity Clothing


This year it is highly unlikely that you have been at an event, concert, or even browsing twitter in Dallas and not seen the infamous “FOV” stitching on a satin jacket or shirt. I caught up with Ryan Parker the mind behind Freshman Over Varsity and asked him some questions about the brand, plans for the future, and more

214: When was FOV started and by whom?

Parker: FOV was started this past year in February ’15. The term was started by me (Ryan Parker) in 2012, while I was in college playing baseball up in New Jersey at Seton Hall University. One day I just came up with the term as being the best of the best like freshmen on a varsity team, and I just stuck with it. I always had aspirations of turning it into a clothing line, but I had to get my baseball career out of the way before I pursued it. I released the first letterman jacket in February and then the satin jackets and that’s when people started to rock with it. 4 months later, I then brought on Kris Hester to the team as a Marketing/Creative director and we have hit the ground running since that point. He knows what is fashionable and what is trending, so he was definitely a huge pickup for the brand.

214: What is the inspiration behind your brand and clothing?

Parker: Sports and Hip Hop, are our forms inspirations for everything that do with FOV. That is one of our missions with this brand is to tie both of those together in the most fashionable way. Its true that the athletes want to be the rappers and the rappers want to be the athletes. When it comes to inspirations from other brands, we want to set ourselves away from the competition, but we see their clothing and think of a way to add our flare to it.

214: How far out have your orders reached so far (National, global etc)

Parker: FOV has made its way from the top to the bottom of the East Coast, so far. It has recently reached out to the West Coast. It has also made its way over seas (France, Australia, Greece) from some of my former teammates playing ball internationally. The main goal right now is to be a staple in the DFW area and continue to get our apparel seen on a national level.


214:What sets you apart from other clothing lines in the DFW?

Parker: Not to seem cliché but FOV is becoming more than just a clothing line. Its starting to become a movement in the city. Of course we set out to put out high quality clothing, but just being in the city and hearing people say that they support the wave is a great feeling. We have an athlete’s mentality with everything that we do from manufacturing, marketing, appearances, etc. We set out to destroy the competition and that’s the mindset that anyone that wears our clothing should have. We aren’t satisfied with 2nd place.

214: Any specials coming up for the holidays?

Parker:We are releasing some new Satin Jackets and hoodies starting on November 22nd and will be releasing some other limited pieces throughout the winter. We want to keep the people guessing and anticipating what we are going to drop.

214: What are you guys looking forward to most going into 2016?

Parker:We are looking forward to continuing making dope apparel for everyone to enjoy wearing, while making a statement. But, continue to look out for some of our stuff to be in stores in Early 2016. We are in the process of preparing an FOV vlog, so that will give people a better view of what FOV really is. Aside from it all, we are having fun with it honestly. It’s a tough business and very time consuming, so its vital that we just enjoy each and every moment with it, and continue to strive for greatness.

I really appreciate Ryan taking the time to answer our questions to give us and the city a little history on the brand and I hope they continue their success it truly is a great movement they have started for the DFW. Follow @FOV_APPERAL on twitter for new drops and check out their website