Beretta’s breakthrough single “Dripp” catching major buzz

Dallas recording artist Beretta (@BerettaBrunet) dropped his single dripp above just a couple months ago and it has been getting major plays from all streaming services. The single is a change of pace from the normal indie hip hop we have been hearing lately with a melodic flow and a touch of an R&B and trap hybrid. I definitely vibe with the song so I know you guy will too, take a listen above and let Beretta know what you think!!

Check out Jared Moody’s latest single “Price”

Dallas Mc Jared Moody (@JaredAMoody) linked us with his self produced new track “Price”. This song reflects on how Moody feels the best things in life aren’t free and how no one is gonna stop him from getting them at some point in life. Everything comes at a price and he wont let anything get in his way, cant help but respect that!! Check out the track above and follow Jared on twitter for more updates.

Coach Tev sparks summer off with single “Jeep Sport”

Dallas Artist Coach Tev (@coachtev ) links with Jay luse, Cambino, and Soleil for this real chill song that is definitely a summer jam to ride around too. Over a beat produced by Cambino himself, all artist have crazy verses soothed by Soleils hypnotizing vocals on the hook. Theres been a clip of visuals floating around social media but we didnt wanna tease yall so we will be waiting for the full video to post soon!

Chromat!k collabs with Crit Morris making a suburban banger

BeatJoven on the boards on this crazy new track from Dallas artists Chromat!k and Crit Morris (@CritMorris), Great collaboration from two big up and coming artists in the Dallas youth, I love the concept of the song both artists killed their verses and Im very interested if there will be visuals to this track i hope so! Follow @TheChromeOzone on twitter to let him know what you think of the new track!

King Kwama lets his listeners sip some #SavannahJuice

Dallas Based, Brooklyn native King Kwama (@KingKwama) has set his foot in the door of the local music scene very heavy this year with the release of his first EP in May “1993” here he gets sounds provided by Purpdogg to bring us his newest single #SavannahJuice. Very catchy hook and tight flows make savannah juice a very dope track. This single is in preparation for a joint album he has in the making with another local MC DandiiSun which we will definitely be on the look out for. enjoy the track and follow Kwama on twitter for more news and updates.

SavannahJuice Cover

Brandon Ford releases all new single “Can I Live?”

Bringing us some new music for the fall, Iras recording artist and previously 214Today featured Rap artist Brandon Ford drops his latest single Can I Live? with sounds provided by Soulections Esta and Mr Carmack. Ford has had some big features in Dallas this past year even releasing his own EP “Lava Lamp$”  back in May, and his lyrical progression definitely shows in this song. Follow this emerging artist on twitter @BrandonFxrd and be on the look out for more coming!

Relive the Summertime with TreyJ from 28 Gang

TreyJ from Dallas rap collective 28 Gang brings us a dope new track titled “SummerJam”. with a sample from the timeless Kool and the gang song Summer Madness, this is the perfect track to lay back and wacth the day go by too. for more material from TreyJ check out his soundcloud page here and follow @TreyJ_28Gang on Twitter for more music updates

Star Music presents: When The Stars Align

Dallas Artist Star of SFS Souf releases his Debut solo project Titiled “When The Stars Align. This 8 track ep Exclusively produced by Ish D Puts you right in the life of the MC track after track going through all the ups and downs of the Mc’s Budding Career. 214Todays Tracks To listen to are “Aint Slept in Days” mainly for the unique production and great delivery from Star, and “The Occasion” an upbeat track great to go out and party to. Follow @StarMusic214 on twitter to let him know what you think of the project! Below we also have an exclusive behind the scenes of the making of the project shot and edited by Jay wil of Live from the underground, Enjoy!