Funky Town through the lens of TNVisuals

I got to catch up with Ft Worth based photographer Taia AKA TNVisuals (@yeah_trex) and got to pic her brain about her craft and got some amazing scenic photos that put Ft Worth in a totally different light.


A Prairie View A&M student currently,  Taia has always had a love for photography going through disposable cameras since the age of 5! After purchasing her DSLR a couple of years ago she states,  “I really just love the endless possibilities that I can create with photography & the ability to allow people to view my vision though my images.” Her passion definitely shows through her work. Her advice to up and coming photographers: “it’s not about the camera it’s about how you use it. You don’t have to have the most expensive equipment to take great pictures.”

If you would like to see more visuals follow her on twitter above or on instagram @tnvisuals_

Check out Jared Moody’s latest single “Price”

Dallas Mc Jared Moody (@JaredAMoody) linked us with his self produced new track “Price”. This song reflects on how Moody feels the best things in life aren’t free and how no one is gonna stop him from getting them at some point in life. Everything comes at a price and he wont let anything get in his way, cant help but respect that!! Check out the track above and follow Jared on twitter for more updates.

Check out G7Cecrets viral jam “Not Impressed” here!

We stay very in tune with our social media following to see whats current and what people are listening too, for the past few weeks there was a video floating around of Ft Worth artist G7Cecret (@G7Cecret) in the coupe jamming to his new single and it got some crazy buzz. we dug and found the single for you guys above! It was a nice suprise to see that he was a DFW artists a we had no choice but to feature his latest single! Check out some more music on his sound cloud HERE and follow him on twitter for more music and updates!

Ismail presents his Debut project: The Beautiful Ugly

Denton Recording artist Ismail (@ismailkawon) just began formally recording music and is already coming out guns blazing with new 10 track mixtape above “The Beautiful Ugly”. His project shows his range as an artist, making different tracks for all types of listeners whether its somber intellectual raps, or music to keep your weekend on 10.And the entire tape is a story, a true look into his life and the stories he has to tell. He keeps a arsenal of producers on it like GustavsStrazdins and Omito along with some great producers that contributed to the project. This is only the beginning for Ismail I would get hip now and let him know what you think of the project. Our tracks to listen too are “050313” and “Aint Real”.

Coach Tev sparks summer off with single “Jeep Sport”

Dallas Artist Coach Tev (@coachtev ) links with Jay luse, Cambino, and Soleil for this real chill song that is definitely a summer jam to ride around too. Over a beat produced by Cambino himself, all artist have crazy verses soothed by Soleils hypnotizing vocals on the hook. Theres been a clip of visuals floating around social media but we didnt wanna tease yall so we will be waiting for the full video to post soon!