‘No Openers’ taking over Dallas 7/22


This summer has been so lit for Dallas as far as live music and the dope people at @FULLYLOADEDTX are keeping the momentum going for their new show ‘No Openers’ July 22nd at the Green Elephant (Addy on flyer). the line up is looking like a movie look above and come rage with the best of em! Presale tickets are available HERE and follow the Fully Loaded twitter account for more info.

Daily Ooze Presents: A Summer Death. Starring D Savage X Diego Money

ITS ONLY JUNE DALLAS, we have been getting hit with lineup after lineup this summer with no sign of letting up! The folks over at Daily Ooze (@TheDailyOoze) have curated a monster for you guys headlined by Cali’s D Savage (@dsavage3900) and one of our hometown heroes, Diego Money (@1DiegoMoney).  FrankieDontFlex will be your host and DJ Kimblee will be spinning all night get your tickets HERE


Experience OneRide, on demand car service exclusively for the DFW

The founders of Oneride, Anthony Brusdeilins and Brian Haigwood, both Dallas natives, took months of research and development to create a product that merges today’s technology with a relentless quest for superior service and customer satisfaction. Their hard work resulted in the App OneRide, The Oneride mobile app connects passengers with the on-demand car service that employs exclusively fully licensed drivers in the area. Rides can be pre booked and get this…NO SURGE PRICING.

IMG_3731 (3).png

The OneRide app is available on both google play and the app store, We also have a promo code for all first time users! Use code “214Today” and receive discounted rides up to twice per user. Download today!!


Audrey McCroskey Photo set with Stay Broke Krew

Dallas photographer Audrey McCroskey (@HeeeyAudge) recently got to hang out with riders from a local group Stay Broke Krew and got some still shots on 35MM film, which cant be easy since these guys were constantly moving the whole time while she had to manually get the shutter ready for each photo, we love the photos though check em out below and let her know what you think.

See Dallas through the lens of Moreese Films

Dallas based photographer Mo AKA Moreese Films (@MoreeseFilms) has a very unique way of capturing his content and does very well working with incorporating people with their environment. His catalog has grown in this past year with photography and even shooting visuals for our local rap talent. Take a lok at some of his work below and contact him to book your next shoot!


Party with Valentino Khan live at Sisu 5/15!



Disco Donnie, Nightculture, Full access Events, and WRH are providing some crazy vibes this season with Sisu uptown a premier resort in Dallas offering one of the best pool/cabana clubs in the city! This week Valentino Khan (@ValentinoKhan) will have a DJ set and will definitely get it crazy. The party starts at 2pm and will be going the whole day untill 8, purchase your tickets HERE and dont miss out on the best Sunday funday in Dallas!!

Take a look into the lifestyle of Kareless Original

Catering to the extreme sports lifestyle, Kareless original (@Karelessorg) is a premium Urban apparel brand started in Dallas Texas. Their goal was to represent all all of the adrenaline junkies, go getters, and true hustlers that don’t live life on a straight line and are willing to dedicate their life to their passion.


Evan and Kareless have established a great presence in the drift and racing scene over the past few years, its common you will find their tent set up and different formula drift or racing events in the south and sponsoring several drivers.


What drew us to kareless was the fact they represent all people who are not only passionate and dedicated to what they do but dont wait for it to come to them. What they have started is far more than apparel, living Kareless has turned into a lifestyle in itself! Check out some crazy apparel and photos below and be sure to check out their website for a lot more info and merch! SITE: https://kareless.com/

Amber Rice - 7.22.15-125

Kareless Explore  (63)

KareLess Bike ride 059