Meet the Mind behind the 5 P’s

19 year old Houston native Tolu Augustine Falana (@toluaugustinee) is a self taught graphic designer that found a unique calling for fashion this past year wanting to to create clothing to invoke feelings of positivity, pride, uplift, and good vibes.


On May 12th, Tolu Augustine Falana released “The 5 P’s” a b/w long sleeve, and “OPEN” distressed/regular hats. The 5 P’s (Pray, Plot, Plan, Put In Motion, Prosper) is an acronym produced by Tolu himself that he’s been saying and following for years. The idea of gaining success has become a complex and blurred idea in society, when – according to The 5 P’s – boils down to a simple 5 step process. The“Open Your Mind Before Your Mouth” quote placed on the regular and distressed hats has resonated with him and guided many of his actions for quite some time also. He believes that this quote alone will forcibly invoke forward-thinking and the undertaking of ideas, information, products, people, and everything in-between. It leaves room for love and acceptance, which is all that is needed to make this planet a better place. Tolu believes that with these two pieces of information, one will absolutely gain their form of success, and a happier and more peaceful life while impacting the world around them.


The reception to both “The 5 P’s” long sleeve and the “OPEN” hats have been mind-blowing, and took social media by storm. He has gotten love from all over the planet! Tolu sold out and re-stocked multiple times. After a two-month run (his longest ever) ending on July 22nd – he sold out for the very last time.
Be on the look out for more coming from Tolu this is only the beginning!! Checkout his website HERE

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