Meet the Mind behind the 5 P’s

19 year old Houston native Tolu Augustine Falana (@toluaugustinee) is a self taught graphic designer that found a unique calling for fashion this past year wanting to to create clothing to invoke feelings of positivity, pride, uplift, and good vibes.


On May 12th, Tolu Augustine Falana released “The 5 P’s” a b/w long sleeve, and “OPEN” distressed/regular hats. The 5 P’s (Pray, Plot, Plan, Put In Motion, Prosper) is an acronym produced by Tolu himself that he’s been saying and following for years. The idea of gaining success has become a complex and blurred idea in society, when – according to The 5 P’s – boils down to a simple 5 step process. The“Open Your Mind Before Your Mouth” quote placed on the regular and distressed hats has resonated with him and guided many of his actions for quite some time also. He believes that this quote alone will forcibly invoke forward-thinking and the undertaking of ideas, information, products, people, and everything in-between. It leaves room for love and acceptance, which is all that is needed to make this planet a better place. Tolu believes that with these two pieces of information, one will absolutely gain their form of success, and a happier and more peaceful life while impacting the world around them.


The reception to both “The 5 P’s” long sleeve and the “OPEN” hats have been mind-blowing, and took social media by storm. He has gotten love from all over the planet! Tolu sold out and re-stocked multiple times. After a two-month run (his longest ever) ending on July 22nd – he sold out for the very last time.
Be on the look out for more coming from Tolu this is only the beginning!! Checkout his website HERE

Devy Stonez links up with KissedKilled again for latest single “Slow It Down

Rapper Devy Stonez (@DevyStonez) gears up for his LP Rolling Stonez by coming out with his second single from the album Slow it Down featuring KissedKilled. These two have always had great tracks together and this one above is nothing less than greatness. Rolling Stones will be dropping august 18th and is available for pre-order HERE

Spotlight on InTheLeech Clothing

image1 (1)

We recently got blessed with a fashion submission from Houston, Texas. InTheLeech clothing (@intheleech) has just started this year and already shows promise with a growing collection, and a keen focus for the future. We got an interview that you can read below:

  1. When was the company founded and by whom? 

Intheleech has been in production since 2016. The brand was created by the two designer Jordan Lewis & Mailk Thompson.

  1. How Did starting the company come about? 

The brand all started when we were in high school, the brand became able because we just got sick of wearing and seeing all of these basic brands people were wearing around the school. So we just decided to create our own, and ever since then it has taken off.

3 .How many States/Countries have you gotten orders from?

We have gotten order all around, from Cali to North Carolina but we mainly get a lot of our order from home (HOUSTON)

4 .Any back to school specials running? 

We have a lot new stuff coming out for the kids, so they can come back to school looking A1. So stay tone!

  1. Have you worked with alot of Houston based companies from ?

We have a one collaboration out right now with the brand Yves Dre and we’re working on a lot of upcoming project with a lot of Houston brands and designer.

6. Are there any other ventures coming from In The Leech in the future?

We don’t know at the moment but just stay tone on the InTheLeech twitter & Instagram for any new updates.

  1. Are there any more designs you have been working on?

Yes! we can’t really speak on those projects right now that at the moment, but we can tell you that it’s about to be really dope.

  1. What are your plans for In The Leech for the rest of the year? 

  Just a lot of  new dope new pieces with be coming out and a lot of growing.

Be on the look out for more coming from InTheLeech and check out their website HERE.



Wes Blanco links with Curren$y & Skooly on latest single “So Strong

Wes Blanco Right Quick

Houston MC Wes Blanco(@WesxBlanco) has hit the ground running in the Houston rap scene and is quickly becoming a staple in southern hip hop. Above he drops a smooth new single with new orleans native star  Currency and vocalist Skooly produced by Benjamin Trill. The new single is from his latest project “Real Quick” which is available NOW!

Experience OneRide, on demand car service exclusively for the DFW

The founders of Oneride, Anthony Brusdeilins and Brian Haigwood, both Dallas natives, took months of research and development to create a product that merges today’s technology with a relentless quest for superior service and customer satisfaction. Their hard work resulted in the App OneRide, The Oneride mobile app connects passengers with the on-demand car service that employs exclusively fully licensed drivers in the area. Rides can be pre booked and get this…NO SURGE PRICING.

IMG_3731 (3).png

The OneRide app is available on both google play and the app store, We also have a promo code for all first time users! Use code “214Today” and receive discounted rides up to twice per user. Download today!!