Vibe with Chris LaVilla and his latest single “Fly 45”


Dallas MC Chris LaVilla (@Chris_LaVilla) does a great job blending vocals and harmony in his rhymes as you can hear above in his single. The song gives a very mellow tone but has enough kick and energy that will resonate very well in a live audience.  Be on the look out for LaVilla, very solid lyrics and flow we cant wait too see what he comes out with next. Stay updated with him via twitter, and let him know what you think of the track!!

Latrell James goes against the grain with new single “Break The Rules”


Artist/ Producer Latrell James (@IamLatrellJames) is paving his way in the music scene very nicely already having produced for artists like Cousin Stizz, Lil Dicky, and Mike Christmas! Here he sends us his latest single “Break the Rules”. The concept of this song is great because it is something most people can relate too, taking the road less traveled and not conforming to any stereotypes or judgment people may have against you for doing what you want and following your dreams. Flexxington Don is on production and James kills his verses, the hook comes off like an anthem which will do very well in a live performance. Follow Latrell and stay updated with his music and other news.

Audrey McCroskey Photo set with Stay Broke Krew

Dallas photographer Audrey McCroskey (@HeeeyAudge) recently got to hang out with riders from a local group Stay Broke Krew and got some still shots on 35MM film, which cant be easy since these guys were constantly moving the whole time while she had to manually get the shutter ready for each photo, we love the photos though check em out below and let her know what you think.

Check out Macahl Jetts latest visuals for “Icey Life”

Houston native Macahl Jett (@macahljettmusic)recently sent in her latest visuals for her single “Icey Life” and we were definitely taken back by the finished product. Shot by Dallas videorapher Ciara Bonafice, the video gives a movie type of feel that all great videos should portray in our opinion. Macahls voice is flawless and gives us a nice R&B feel that has been missing from our local music scene, she is going to do very well in this lane and were excited to hear more! Be sure to keep updates and follow her for new music

See Dallas through the lens of Moreese Films

Dallas based photographer Mo AKA Moreese Films (@MoreeseFilms) has a very unique way of capturing his content and does very well working with incorporating people with their environment. His catalog has grown in this past year with photography and even shooting visuals for our local rap talent. Take a lok at some of his work below and contact him to book your next shoot!