Deep Ellum trumps Uptown for Dallas culture, and here’s why


This past weekend I spent a lot of time in Deep Ellum walking mostly Main and Elm St checking out all the different bars and Restaurants the small nook right outside of downtown has to offer and it dawned on me, that Deep Ellum really is the epitome of Dallas Culture IMO. I see a lot of people that come into town and want to know where they can go for a good time and see what Dallas is “Really” about and uptown is usually the first choice that comes to mind but honestly that’s just the flash of our city. Somewhere you wanna go to see just a bunch of new money and pretty faces,  that’s not what the city is all about. I mean don’t get me wrong I love walking McKinney ave to go to over priced bars and running into everyone I went to high school & college with, but if you want the raw uncut version of Dallas not for the faint of heart, Deep Ellum is where you need to be.



The live music Hub of Dallas with several venues offering all types of music you will see hip hop heads at trees waiting for a show and look across the street and see a bunch of Mohawk haired punk rockers at club dada then go a little bit down the street and see a bunch of ravers getting ready for a DJ set at lizard lounge. The entertainment aspect is amazing and with Bomb factory being such a new hit this year, and other big shows like index fest and Jmblya being there exclusively its hard to say any other place in the city can beat it music wise.


The bar scene is something like I’ve never witnessed, not saying its the nicest because Deep Ellum has some hole in the wall spots, but most diverse by far. I walked into three links saw a pretty good alternative show going on then went to Off The Record and shopped for vinyls while drinking a Jameson and ginger ale. These bars give you a unique experience that a lot of places cant, you can go just anywhere and drink that’s nothing but what makes you go back.


Food wise Deep Ellum has already been nationally recognized at several restaurants, I really can go on for days about each place. Everything you want from mexican at pepe y mitos, to pizza at serious or cane rosso, even BBQ at Pecan lodge. If you are needing a place to eat for date night you have options for days down here.


Aside from entertainment and nightlife, the overall aesthetics is the best. street art at every corner, multiple galleries and shops open to the public you can go there and get lost for the day. I promise if you haven’t taken the time to go and check out what Deep Ellum really has to offer. Do it and tell me its not everything and more as far as Dallas culture.



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