Catch Jared Moodys latest video “Cliche” here!


Denton MC Jared Moody releases the virst visual off his latest EP “5:02” named cliche. An ode to getting artists to see the bigger picture in this rap game and looking past all the material aspect of rap, Moody kills the song and has a great video to represent! to listen to the EP check his soundcloud out here: and follow @JaredAMoody on twitter for ore updates and videos.

Listen to YoMcDuffs single “Nothing Else” here!

Earlier today I was in a discussion about the sound of Dallas and its culture, then I heard this song as well as some other new singles sent and was reassured we as city are moving in the right direction. This track has a great southern flow over a dope beat produced by C-Sick with enough bounce to get anyone jamming to it. Mcduff has a good mix of rap with a little vocals that don’t overpower the song. I cant wait for Mcduffs new EP dropping net week Nov. 27 this track is a sign of something major follow @YoMcDuff to stay in the loop!

Throw on your onsie and come party at Henderson Tap House 12/19

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You’re never too old to have a good time in a onsie, Henderson Tap House is proving that next month with a holiday party you don’t wanna miss. Party goers in a onsie will receive a discounted drink wristband, and HTH will be accepting canned good donations along with pet foods for local charities! check out more events coming up at the tap house here:

Make way for the new guys on campus: Freshman on Varsity Clothing


This year it is highly unlikely that you have been at an event, concert, or even browsing twitter in Dallas and not seen the infamous “FOV” stitching on a satin jacket or shirt. I caught up with Ryan Parker the mind behind Freshman Over Varsity and asked him some questions about the brand, plans for the future, and more

214: When was FOV started and by whom?

Parker: FOV was started this past year in February ’15. The term was started by me (Ryan Parker) in 2012, while I was in college playing baseball up in New Jersey at Seton Hall University. One day I just came up with the term as being the best of the best like freshmen on a varsity team, and I just stuck with it. I always had aspirations of turning it into a clothing line, but I had to get my baseball career out of the way before I pursued it. I released the first letterman jacket in February and then the satin jackets and that’s when people started to rock with it. 4 months later, I then brought on Kris Hester to the team as a Marketing/Creative director and we have hit the ground running since that point. He knows what is fashionable and what is trending, so he was definitely a huge pickup for the brand.

214: What is the inspiration behind your brand and clothing?

Parker: Sports and Hip Hop, are our forms inspirations for everything that do with FOV. That is one of our missions with this brand is to tie both of those together in the most fashionable way. Its true that the athletes want to be the rappers and the rappers want to be the athletes. When it comes to inspirations from other brands, we want to set ourselves away from the competition, but we see their clothing and think of a way to add our flare to it.

214: How far out have your orders reached so far (National, global etc)

Parker: FOV has made its way from the top to the bottom of the East Coast, so far. It has recently reached out to the West Coast. It has also made its way over seas (France, Australia, Greece) from some of my former teammates playing ball internationally. The main goal right now is to be a staple in the DFW area and continue to get our apparel seen on a national level.


214:What sets you apart from other clothing lines in the DFW?

Parker: Not to seem cliché but FOV is becoming more than just a clothing line. Its starting to become a movement in the city. Of course we set out to put out high quality clothing, but just being in the city and hearing people say that they support the wave is a great feeling. We have an athlete’s mentality with everything that we do from manufacturing, marketing, appearances, etc. We set out to destroy the competition and that’s the mindset that anyone that wears our clothing should have. We aren’t satisfied with 2nd place.

214: Any specials coming up for the holidays?

Parker:We are releasing some new Satin Jackets and hoodies starting on November 22nd and will be releasing some other limited pieces throughout the winter. We want to keep the people guessing and anticipating what we are going to drop.

214: What are you guys looking forward to most going into 2016?

Parker:We are looking forward to continuing making dope apparel for everyone to enjoy wearing, while making a statement. But, continue to look out for some of our stuff to be in stores in Early 2016. We are in the process of preparing an FOV vlog, so that will give people a better view of what FOV really is. Aside from it all, we are having fun with it honestly. It’s a tough business and very time consuming, so its vital that we just enjoy each and every moment with it, and continue to strive for greatness.

I really appreciate Ryan taking the time to answer our questions to give us and the city a little history on the brand and I hope they continue their success it truly is a great movement they have started for the DFW. Follow @FOV_APPERAL on twitter for new drops and check out their website


Come kick back with Chevy Woods, Smoke DZA, and Starlito at #BricksBlockParty 12/10


24KBric (@24kBric) definitely has a great event coming up with #BricsBlockParty The kushed God Smoke DZA(@SmokeDZA), Taylor gangs Chevy Woods (@ChevyWoods), and the Birthday G Starlito(@LITO615) are all gonna be the building at The Door located 2513 Main St downtown. Tickets are available here: cop one now before its too late!