Message To the Readers// Feature

Good Evening,

First off thank you for keeping up with the site and supporting 214Today. All this is really out of sheer love for the talent we have in Dallas and building up the culture to something far better than what is already is. One month into 2015 and I have been working hard to build up a presence offline, All of the emails and feature requests received this month have been listened to trust me! That work will be done all I ask for is patience, As for events we will be hosting a Valentines day party Saturday February 14th Event link here ( had to get my shameless plug in haha come out and support this will be a big year as far as getting the brand out there. Just wanted to give you all a quick update about whats going down on this end! Keep supporting and thanks for the positive energy.



As I’m typing this up i had to share the mix that is playing, my boy Plue Starfox (@PLUSTFX) just dropped this new mix on soundcloud and its been jamming ever since i pressed play.

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