iSe3en: iWrath Directed by iMinikon

Dallas Videographer Malcolm Minikon (@iMinikon) deliver us the third installment in his 7 part mini series. The Video takes place with Two groups of females one group walking to their destination and another more rowdy group up to what seems like no good. the two groups run into each other and out of fear and surprise take off in opposite directions. one of the females unfortunately falls and knocks herself out and the remainder of the video takes place in what she was visioning while unconscious.

Co director and actress in the video Christina Carbajal worked with Malcom in trying to put together visuals for the concept created and had this to say about the experience:

“We wanted to make something unique and make a new style that really hasn’t been seen before.  We decided to send out a tweed to see who wanted to be apart of the project so when people replied to it we decided to get really creative. Everyone came from different followings from all over the DFW, even the day of shooting we had no idea what we were getting into because it was something new to all of us. It was a huge attention getter and a great way to network.”

The video also contains exclusive production from Dallas producer @clbrty_ sampling a song that all 90’s babies will recognize. Casting of the video is below along with the youtube link to iMinikons channel containing the two previous Installments.

Girls in Video (IG Names): Raven (@ravenelyse), Misha(@Mishaloveeee), Sarah(@SarahJanea), Naneshea(@celfie.gawddess), Nicole(@_tothan), Addy(@fashionoise), Dori(@Dori_simone), Tayla(@Tayladrake), Christina(@_vivalatina) and Poca (@ibepocahontas)

Skaters: Dillion Watson, Kyle Quisenberry, Josh Deger, Jacob Krueger

Taggers: Caleb Cannon and Dylan Bell – Article 19 Graffiti


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