Throwback Thursday Video of the week: Southside Da Realist- Big Tuck

Till this day you can play this song at any party/club/barbeque/ wedding/ baby shower in Dallas and it will make people go crazy. Big Tuck (@thabigtuck) from the legendary Dallas rap group DSR (Dirty South Ridas) dropped this song over 7 years ago and since then it has been one of the most iconic rap songs to come out of Dallas, many people claim that “you aren’t from Dallas if you dont know this song word for word” which in a sense is true haha. I remember when this song dropped i was in the 7th grade and religiously listened to it every day before football practice in our locker room. This took the city by storm brought all of the Triple D together and to this day you have rappers biting Tuck and DSR’s flow (*cough Riff Raff *cough). Enjoy the visuals an big shout out to Tuck and the rest of the riders for changing the rap game in Dallas.

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