Mazie McLeon presents: #ADHD

Starting off the fall season strong, Skylight Nation founder Mazie McLeon drops his highly anticipated project yesterday titled #ADHD. After multiple listens i can say this is one of the most complete projects Ive heard out of Dallas in a while. Coming with a concept of the disorder the project starts with an interview from a social worker about ADHD, along with track names like “ADDerall” and ” 200 MG Ritalin” you never forget the theme of the project. There are also small live recordings at the end of most songs that lead into the next track perfectly. 15 Tracks and an interlude gives for a lengthy project but well worth the listen great story telling and flow from McLeon along with great features and production . 214Todays Favorite track on #ADHD would have to be “Fu*k them other RAAppers” a very sultry beat with a catchy hook an bounce that makes it a very single worthy song (Edited of course lol) Take a listen above and follow Mcleon on Twitter (@MazieMcLeon) and congratulate him on a job well done!

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