214Today & Gold Galaxy Productions Give you: 0005 by Plue Starfox

We Teamed up with Galaxy Productions to bring you guys visuals to Plue Starfox’s Single “0005” Produced by High Klassified. The setting is downtown Dallas as Plue tries to make his way to his room but fate (and a female) says other wise. Follow @SuperGoldGalaxy for your video production needs, and follow @PLUSTFX for more music!  

Rami brings us new visuals to latest single “214”

By the name of the song we had no choice but to represent with Rami and show love to the city. With producer Ben Hixon on the boards bringing a cool old school feel, Rami send us a very dope video where he is at what seems to be a crazy underground art gallery.To hear more music visit his Bandcamp http://ramimusic.bandcamp.com/ and follow @Rami_214 to let him know what you think of the video

CLBRTY Takes listeners on a journey with beat tape “Houston & Hollywood”

Dallas Producer CLBRTY does a magnificent job here of capturing the sounds of two of the biggest music capitols in the country and putting his own twist on them with this beat tape. the slow swang and bang of houston along with the west coast bounce of cali definitely gives listeners a treat when playing this tape. Our track to look out for is “Swang & Bang” Contact @Clbrty_ on Twitter for beat inquiries and let him know what you think about the sounds!

The Sci3ntist is back in the lab with his latest beat tape “1978”

The Sci3ntist has always had a very unique production sound on his projects with a very wide range for artists to choose from, he certainly does not disappoint with latest project 1978, with wavy sounds and great samples this tape is a delight just to listen to with out lyrics. Our track to listen to is “Live from Tenochtitlan“. Follow @Scientist_IXIII on Twitter for beat inquiries and let him know what you think of the tape.