Adeoluwa Presents: Crown of God *Official Beat Tape*

To start the week, Collin county producer Adeoluwa (@RealCrownofGod) dropped his latest highly anticipated beat tape titled “Crown of god” 10 tracks of highs, lows and everything in between. Each track has consistent Drops and changes of tempo and pitch it feels like you are listening to three different songs in one! Each track (instrumental) was designed to standout on its own without the need of lyrics. Traditionally HipHop/Rap music tempo is between 50-70. The Crown of God project uses tempos from 90 and above. Adeoluwa states that “The album is meant for listening and wasn’t intended to encourage people to start rapping over them.” But, i’m sure there are tons of local MC’s out there writing to a few of these beats right now. Our track to look out for is the “Heaven or Hell (Interlude)” The tape is available for purchase exclusively through Audio Dox here:

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