Running Imagination, Depicting Dallas through a camera lens

Running Imagination, Depicting Dallas through a camera lens

21 Year old Nick Weaver Found his love for photography about 3 years ago living in Georgia. Starting his blog and wanting to post his own pictures he began keeping his camera on his person at all time going around the city capturing his environment inthe moment with emotion in every shot. Now a Dallas resident you can find him riding the rails all throughout Deep Ellum and downtown Admiring our city and still getting wonderful shots for his blog He recently teamed with Non Profit Organization Spirit Horse which helps people with special needs through Therapeutic interaction with horses on his most recent lookbook, For every purchase 20 percent will be donated.


“But what I love most is exploring my surroundings and capturing the emotion in it. Photography for me is like art. There are so many emotions that come with a photograph, just like with any art; drawing, painting, music, dance. What I love most is the sense of freedom I feel when it’s just me, my environment, and my camera; it’s kind of euphoric.”


Nick also does events , family shoots and more if you are interested in booking him, visit his blog (link above) and follow him on twitter @CameramanStan for booking info!

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