Tayvito’s bringing boom bap rap to Dallas

I had Dallas Native Tayvito reach out to me about a feature on 214Today and one track into his “The Coldest Penguin Ever” Mixtape and it took me back to a 90’s style rap with a modern flow that switches speed and style that is something i haven’t heard since I’ve started this site. Here is a short but sweet track of the mixtape entitled “clip art” which will give you a perfect illustration of the rapper and his style. His mixtape is availiable for download at https://soundcloud.com/tayvito and be sure to follow Tayvito on twitter @FlysonBeckford and show him love!

Winston Ray, taking House into his own hands

  Check out this official Alvaro and Mercer mash up mixed by Dallas Dj Winston Ray entitled Molotov Jungle. First time i heard the lil john break on this Progressive house mash up  i knew it was a track sure to start the party anywhere you are at! Check out Winston Rays Soundclound for more music https://soundcloud.com/winstonray and follow him on twitter @WinstonRayMusic and let him know what you think of the tracks!!

The Vintage Bell Jar, A Novel based Dallas Boutique

With vintage fashion being ever so popular in Dallas, Mckinney resident Rachael Ellis (@rachaelellis) was inspired to start her own boutique through Etsy providing premium resale threads without the hassle of having to search for thrift stores with no certainty of finding your size or what you may like. Vintage Bell Jar (@VintageBellJar) has both male and female clothing and jewlery at very affordable prices and ships all around the US. Visit her page on Esty http://www.etsy.com/shop/vintagebelljar and shop around for some new fall wear! and also follow the boutique on twitter for live updates of new arrivals and more!

#1 US Underrated Hip Hop Scene as told by Complex

#1 US Underrated Hip Hop Scene as told by Complex


In the link above Is an article written by complex magazine on the top ten us cities with an underrated hip hop scene, without a doubt Dallas takes the number one spot. Read further into the article to see many notable artists featured in the write up such as ADd+, Big Tuck, Tum tum, Play n Skillz,  Erykah Badu, Dorrough, and producer Cardo. Its good to see the city getting recognition of our musical talent coming out its only a matter of time before we are no longer Underrated!

SFS Souf-Dreamin’ *Official Music Video*

Here we have an exclusive music video premier of Rap Group SFS Souf’s (@SFSSOUF) Latest Music Video “Dreamin” featuring vocalist Amanda Thomas Directed By Khouston Videos (@KHOUSTONVIDEOS). This video shows visions of success with the group going on location with each member  in different situations good and bad. Visit khoustons youtube channel to see more visuals from the director and look out for future projects from SFS here!

DRNRDX drops a beat tape with character

Last Night i came across a recent beat tape dropped by Dallas Producer titled “Letter 24” Now i had already heard a bit of his material on Jarvis Hodges mixtape “For the Homies” and needless to say i was more than impressed with this beat makers arsenal. DRNRDX short for Darien the Red X flexes a creative muscle with this project providing listeners with various samples and sounds that any type of artists could find a track to work on. here is a selection from the tape entitled “ACEMAN/ The Redman” which is a combination of two beats that i favor with a subtle wavy flow with high snare and a hard 808 (Dallas Loves Bass). Artists and Fans Alike be sure to visit his sound cloud for the full project https://soundcloud.com/drnrdx and follow him on twitter for any inquiries or compliments! @DarienTheRedX

Challenge Winner Raw Elementz preps for Breakaway Fest

Last month Intelligent Grind Promotions (@IGPromos) held a special MC challenge for the large music festival breakaway fest on 9/21 in Frisco Texas the contest consisted of three Local rappers with one being victorious, Raw Elementz (@RawElementz) with this win he will open at the festival and get to perform on the same stage as the legendary Wu Tang Clan, Juicy J and many other hip hop, pop, and EDM stars. Here is a single from the young artist that shows why he won the challenge with his clean flow and delivery of “keep coolin” over a smooth beat featuring Chuuwee, and produced by GloGains it is certain that Raw will gain plenty more fans when he takes the stage at the Breakway fest (@BreakawayFest). Tickets are still available for the concert on http://www.intelligentgrind.com be sure to follow Raw, IG, and Breakaway fest on twitter and come show love on 9/21! Image

Crazy Single from Scissorhands

Indie group scissorhands (@scissorhandsmuz) have been working hard coming with consistent new singles for their listeners and are only getting better with each track. here we have a personal favorite of mine from them named “Reverie” that combines smooth vocals from member jordan with a new age beat that can only be made by the creative couple. check out more music from scissorhands on their sound cloud https://soundcloud.com/scissorhandsmusic

Jarvis Hodges Putting on ‘For the Homies’

Dropping a new Mixtape Today On his Birthday, Dallas MC Jarvis Hodges has a refreshing flow that is unparalleled in our city. His project titled “For the Homies” has a wide style of beats from several different Dallas Producers like The Scientist, and DRNRDX all laced with rhymes of cool delivery, and catchy hooks. Here is a single from the tape named “Vice Beach” produced by Supa featuring Vocalist Celina London sure to be a favorite on the mixtape. His project is avalliable for download at https://soundcloud.com/jarvishodges . Follow Jarvis on titter @Jarvishodges_ to wish him a Happy Birthday and give the man props on this Gem!