2AK one of a kind in the 214

Here we have Dallas trio 2Ak with new music Video ‘Go Girl’ fresh off their album Ship High In Transit available on itunes right now! this group whose name is short for “2wice as cool” has changed the rap game for all local artists by incorporating crazy electronic/Rap beats produced by Dj Bosco, laced by on point lyrics coming from Artists Big Head and Mcguffey giving them radio single worthy music that can be enjoyed by a much larger audience and can be played at parties, clubs, and much more! with an already impressive catalog the group has been growing their fanbase and was more than happy to grab a feature here with 214Today. To hear more of 2AK you can Visit their Website at http://www.sonichub.com/artist/2wiceaskool and follow the group on twitter @2wiceaskool to give em props on this crazy new single.

One thought on “2AK one of a kind in the 214

  1. MikeyKeyz July 30, 2013 / 9:35 PM

    This is the new Dallas Sound!!!!

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